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Who wouldn’t love a beautiful cottage in lush green foothills of the Himalayan range? And, good is not sufficient to substantiate this feeling of owning a property in the hill stations with a magnificent view of the Himalayas. Every morning coffee with a beautiful view,  accompanied by fresh air, far away from noise and pollution of the city and the list goes on.

And, we are sure that everyone reading this blog has dreamed of owning a home on the hills someday. Advantages and pros are to live there are endless.

First of all, you will be living in a place where people go on holidays, it’s a natural paradise. Plants and animals dwell there more freely, night skies are much clearer and beautiful.

Secondly, there is tons of privacy because of the limited buildings around you. It will provide you with the needed peace, to focus on the important things, plus you’ll have infinite valleys and mountains around you to call it your place and do things you love.

Breathtaking views, I think we all agree with it that the higher you go, the more breathtaking vistas you’re going to glance outside your window. Views are one of the major reasons people go there or buy a house there, to cherish the paradise on earth.

And our personal favorite advantage to living there is that you have a countless number of activities to perform in the mountains. You name it and you’ll love doing that there like biking, hiking, climbing, cliff jumping, etc. Also, you can go on treks, night camps in forests with your family and friends, you will have several opportunities to enjoy your life there.

And lastly, you’ll probably always feel like you’re on vacation because of your surroundings, there are also some unique things which you won’t get a chance to experience in the suburbs of a city. Plus, every day in the mountains is a new day because you wouldn’t know what you’re going to encounter today, a new wildflower, new animal wandering, a new trek, a new sunrise/sunset spot, a new waterfall, etc.

So, enough with the benefits of taking your next home in the mountains, now let me tell you how we can assist you in getting your desired dream home. We provide luxurious cottages in the Himalayan foothills with all the necessary state-of-the-art amenities, for eg: a gymnasium, golf course, kids playground, yoga-meditation centers, fully Wifi enabled premises with 24×7 backup electricity. Plus, you can choose any from an array of predesigned beautiful wooden cottages, pre-fabricated cottages, and cabin cottages. So, don’t wait, decide your pick and get ready to explore nature at your own pace, the way you like.

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