Vision Pranickaa Developers

Urbanisation, an irreversible fact, brings with it problems of acute resource crunch, nasty impacts on the environment, climate change and extreme weather. To correct this situation, we need a place that offers sustainable environment through smart, technologically driven solutions and facilitates the interaction of its citizens with its administration; where open information is available in real-time.

Well with the speed at which we as a nation are evolving and the way we live our lives, smart living is definitely the need of the hour. We as Hi-Tech City use cutting-edge technologies to enhance quality of life, to ensure well-being, reduce costs and judiciously utilize resources.

Keeping in tune with the consumer’s demand, Pranickaa Developers is dedicated in providing automated, safe, sustainable, and environment friendly atmosphere. Master planned and designed by world renowned town planners , Pranickaa Developers features open spaces and contemporary designs.

We believe in government’s progressive vision, “Housing for all by 2022” and are dedicated to meet the consumers’ demand in an unprecedented way. There are abundant green spaces, wide & congestion-free network of roads for smooth traffic flow, provisions for Hospitals, Schools and Utilities etc. The city is full of vigour and vitality, which makes it the perfect place to enjoy a comfortable, convenient and uncluttered lifestyle.

Central Command Center

The Central Command Center will be the brain of the smart city. Co-ordinating and monitoring all the components of Pranickaa Developers will be done here. Its important functions include:

  • Smart Electric Grid
  • Weather Station
  • Water Management System
  • Air Quality measurement
  • Cooking Gas Distribution
  • olid Waste Management
  • Homeland Security Management
  • City Portal
  • raffic & Transportation Management
  • Street Light Automation

Smart Electric Grid

  • Smart Metering : 100% metered electricity supply, so pay as per use
  • Manage load/electricity consumption over Web
  • Mobile app to track usage on the go & limit usage when it exceeds
  • All the usage data will be stored on the cloud for easy retrieval
  • Automatic substations ensure
  • – Diesel Generator (Dg) starts automatically & auto/mains changeover is man less.Electric faults are corrected immediately leading to no dark zones in the city.
  • Prevents accidental fire due to overloading.
  • Energy audit is possible.

Water Management System

You can bid your water woes a farewell at Pranickaa Developers . The smart water management system will help in the judicious utilization of water. You will get to enjoy:

  • 24×7 water availability
  • Adequate water pressure at all height levels
  • Equitable distribution of water across the city
  • Automatic water leakage detection
  • Smart Metering: 100% metered water supply.
  • So, pay as per usePrevention of meter theft
  • Online water quality checks for levels of dirt particles
  • Inbuilt strainer will help filter dirt particles24×7 web enabled Complaint Management System
  • Payment on the go – option for online recharge using mobile app

Homeland Security Management

Pranickaa Developers will be a mini, secure world that will utilize advanced technologies to increase the safety and security of residents, as well as provide them with advanced services to increase their quality of life.

City Security

  • Captures high resolution pictures of incoming & outgoing vehicles.
  • Gated communities can be secured
  • Unauthorized vehicles can be tracked.
  • Access to restricted vehicles.
  • Data can be stored up to 6 months for reviews

Public Safety

  • anic buttons for public safety.
  • Tag based access.
  • Access only to authorized persons.
  • Theft/ burglary protection.
  • Automated street lights for security.

Air Quality

  • Calculates online air pollution & air balance
  • .Calculates PM2.5- a hazardous particulate matter level, thus warning asthma patients.
  • Warns for increase in industrial based pollution in air (If applicable).

Solid Waste Management

Responsible disposal of waste is a responsibility that we cannot overlook. For our environment to thrive and flourish, it is important that we dispose the waste well. The smart organic waste management system at Pranickaa Developers makes it easier:

  • Organic Waste Convertors reduces the emission of Co2 in the atmosphere
  • Keeps the area green
  • Restricts the emission of polluting elements into the atmosphere
  • Manure is generated for horticulture