Choose to Live in Isolation During the Pandemic

The world is undergoing a serious situation of the pandemic, and everyone intends to stay safe as much as possible. During such difficult times, it is certainly necessary to stay in isolation and quarantine yourself to stay fit and healthy but still be connected to the world. The private offices and multiple other brands have shifted to remote working to avoid the disease. The omicron is not the last variant, studies suggest. Therefore we need to pay attention to every detail clearly to maintain safe and hygienic surroundings for our safety and others. It is the best choice to stay peacefully in the lap of nature, surrounded by mountains in Ranikhet. You can own and even rent the best properties in Ranikhet at affordable prices. There are various benefits of living in the mountain valley during the pandemic. It not only keeps you protected but also provides pure and fresh air, a wide range of hidden escapes to be explored, scenic mountain beauty, and much more.

It is nature’s paradise:

From the lush green escapes to the forested mountain slopes, these nature’s giants are nature’s paradise. Living in the mountains is heavenly for not only its scenic beauty. It is the best place to perform Yoga and meditation, as it provides fresh air, a quiet area to relax your mind and maintain a balance between your soul and your body. The mountain cottages are few and scarcely populated, which allows us to have more space and privacy for the residents. You can happily live away from the hustles of the city and the rush. The luxurious cottages built and designed for your comfort enhance your living experience manifolds. The wilderness areas offer hiking, fishing, cycling, and recreational activities for your adventure. With an abundance of flora and fauna, you get to live the best life in your dream home within your budget with Mount Vaidhik.

You get a quiet place for yourself with complete privacy:

Remote working is promoted to keep the virus in check. It calls for severe measures from our side too to help the government achieve complete success. People find homes and cottages that are cost-effective, luxurious, and safe. A tranquil and secluded place for each one, with separate cottages. The land could be owned by the resident with complete privacy and security. Various types of cottages are offered to help you choose the one that suits your style and is the best fit for you and your family. You can also rent the best properties in Ranikhet, within proximity to the local market and various other tourist spots within 50km from the cottages. Surround yourself with the tranquilizing mountain sunrises and sunsets, admire nature, and embrace the serene beauty of the quiet place. Use this as an opportunity to introspect yourself, find your positive energy, and move towards it. Mountains are the best areas for people who love peace and seclusion. There is plenty of space for you to explore and enjoy. 

Unbeatable scenic view:

It is obvious the higher we go, the better the view becomes. At higher altitudes, the valleys of the mountains are deeper the forests are denser, and the air is pure and fresh. With multiple amenities, we also get access to our natural surroundings, mountain valleys, lush green grass meadows, and mountain escapes to explore. From tranquilizing sunrise to an enthralling night sky full of stars and less polluted areas magnifies our living experience. The comfortable luxurious cottages, in various styles, help us enjoy our time in the hills, away from the populated places. It not only reduces the effect of the disease but is also helpful in keeping you safe. 

Enjoy the natural view of the majestic Himalayas while sipping coffee in your cottage and working from your dream home without having to worry about your budget. We help you invest in the best properties in Ranikhet at prime locations to increase your assets for future use.

Fun and adventure:

The fun and adventure in the mountains never last. You have unlimited new things to try and explore. You get to choose from multiple outdoor activities such as mountain hikes, cliff jumping, river rafting, zip-lining, and much more. There are several unexplored hidden mountain paths you can trek with your friends and family but always look out for wildlife such as uncommon tracks. The indoor activities include bonfires at night, Yoga and meditation spaces, star gazing, photographing the night sky, looking out for galaxies and constellations. As the work from home culture increases due to the pandemic, you can peacefully sit under a tree, in the warmth of the sun, and work from the hills. Living in the wild, surrounded by nature, not only maintains your health but also keeps you fit and energetic. Connecting with nature provides an extra perspective that changes your life view and helps you explore your inner self.

Beautiful weather and amenities:

Get all the modern urban amenities while staying at the Mount Vaidhik farms. All the cottages are highly luxurious and fully furnished will all facilities. These include continuous water supply, 24*7 electricity, WiFi, security cameras, protected property area, your personal parking space, and comfortable and cozy furniture and bedding. 

Get the best properties in Ranikhet at affordable prices for rent and ownership from us within proximity to the local market and other visiting spots.


The best solution to stay safe and protected during the pandemic is to stay in the mountains, secluded and privately with comfort. It also allows you to spend some alone time while enhancing your productivity and health. 

Why Real Estate is the Safest Investment in India

The pandemic has changed the worldwide scenario of safe investments due to low-income returns and instability. The stock markets have become unsafe due to volatility in the market, therefore people are finding other ways of investing in better yields and higher income. Investing in real estate has multiple pros as it requires no special skills for the investment. You only need to know what kind of property is best for you and what features it provides against the investment cost. This kind of investment is not only safe but also allows great results in the long run. 

Let’s find reasons why investing in properties is a wise choice during modern times.

Constant rental income:

Owning a home or a luxurious cottage may help you achieve constant monthly income through rent. The biggest benefit of investing in real estate property is that you can always have rentals. As time passes and there are certain developments near your existing property, the value increases multiple times. It then becomes a prime location with several location advantages. You can buy the best properties in Ranikhet to stay safe and secure, especially during the pandemic. People love living in the hills at all times during different seasons, especially during summers. It can become a special vacation spot for your family too, or you can transform it into a luxurious home stay facility with numerous amenities and several other benefits including WiFi, electricity, weather supply, and a fully furnished property. It attracts several guests, increasing your income annually. It can also become your second home and add value to your estate with the scenic beauty of the mountains, pure air, relief from the hustling life, and much more.

Yield huge returns in the long run:

People invest in real estate that later transforms into capital for dual-income. The living area or space remains the same on earth and is limited with the growing population. As the need for space increases, so does the value of a property. Investing in real estate then comes in handy with an already existing property to resale or even use for paying guests. Luxuriously furnished cottages amidst the hilly region serve as the best alternative for many people who want to escape the rush of city life or even people looking for some alone time surrounded by nature in a quiet place. Your fully furnished, luxurious property then serves the best purpose of increasing your returns in the long run. 

Real estate investment is almost risk-free:

Real estate investment has the least or no risks at all. Where the stock market requires specialized skills and knowledge due to its uncertainty and volatility, real estate serves as a safer investment. It does not require any specialized skills. Good research about the property, knowing about the features, amenities, location advantages can be helpful enough to turn your property into your capital. Once you have researched properly about the same, it is safe to invest in the property to yield better results in the long run. Buying properties in the foothills of the Majestic Himalayas is better than any place in the hills. Mount Vaidhik offers special deals on all their luxurious cottages at affordable prices, on all properties in Ranikhet. 

It yields tax exemptions and deductions:

People usually look for multiple ways to save money during their income tax return files. Investing in real estate properties can be a great way to get several exemptions on the income tax money. People can file for home loans and get relief while returning the amount along with the interest amount. A joint home loan may save some amount as well where you can shore your ownership, management, and operation of the acquired property.

During the pandemic, it is the best time to invest in properties in Ranikhet, where you get ownership of luxurious cottages and land amidst deep mountain forests, in the mountain valleys.

Lifestyle influencing real estate:

Lifestyle habits influence the real estate sector largely. As the number of nuclear families increases, so does the need for more houses and properties to suffice them. Also during the pandemic, with a work-from-home culture, people want to stay in a stable small, cottage, apartment for safety and security. This helps the investors get more rental guests who wish to stay away from the heavily populated areas and can work remotely from anywhere around the world. We need small spaces to fit people but also not give them the idea of less space. Beautifully designed luxurious mountain cottages serve the purpose just fine when it comes to security, space, and landscape.

The urbanization of the demography:

The world is witnessing rapid urbanization. Certain sectors including health, education, warehouses, garments have shown the need for more space due to the ever-increasing population of the country and the world in general. We need more houses to stay in and live in. Investing in properties in Ranikhet, or any prime location with multiple amenities and location advantages will yield better results in the future as and when the situation changes. It is better to invest your money in acquiring assets rather than investing in liabilities such as a huge car. Or other gadgets which might not result in helping you earn back your invested money. Real estate is a huge and ever-growing sector with an abundance of opportunities, it is up to us, which ones we grab and how quickly?


Who wouldn’t love a beautiful cottage in lush green foothills of the Himalayan range? And, good is not sufficient to substantiate this feeling of owning a property in the hill stations with a magnificent view of the Himalayas. Every morning coffee with a beautiful view,  accompanied by fresh air, far away from noise and pollution of the city and the list goes on.

And, we are sure that everyone reading this blog has dreamed of owning a home on the hills someday. Advantages and pros are to live there are endless.

First of all, you will be living in a place where people go on holidays, it’s a natural paradise. Plants and animals dwell there more freely, night skies are much clearer and beautiful.

Secondly, there is tons of privacy because of the limited buildings around you. It will provide you with the needed peace, to focus on the important things, plus you’ll have infinite valleys and mountains around you to call it your place and do things you love.

Breathtaking views, I think we all agree with it that the higher you go, the more breathtaking vistas you’re going to glance outside your window. Views are one of the major reasons people go there or buy a house there, to cherish the paradise on earth.

And our personal favorite advantage to living there is that you have a countless number of activities to perform in the mountains. You name it and you’ll love doing that there like biking, hiking, climbing, cliff jumping, etc. Also, you can go on treks, night camps in forests with your family and friends, you will have several opportunities to enjoy your life there.

And lastly, you’ll probably always feel like you’re on vacation because of your surroundings, there are also some unique things which you won’t get a chance to experience in the suburbs of a city. Plus, every day in the mountains is a new day because you wouldn’t know what you’re going to encounter today, a new wildflower, new animal wandering, a new trek, a new sunrise/sunset spot, a new waterfall, etc.

So, enough with the benefits of taking your next home in the mountains, now let me tell you how we can assist you in getting your desired dream home. We provide luxurious cottages in the Himalayan foothills with all the necessary state-of-the-art amenities, for eg: a gymnasium, golf course, kids playground, yoga-meditation centers, fully Wifi enabled premises with 24×7 backup electricity. Plus, you can choose any from an array of predesigned beautiful wooden cottages, pre-fabricated cottages, and cabin cottages. So, don’t wait, decide your pick and get ready to explore nature at your own pace, the way you like.


We all love to take a break from the hustling life and busy schedule and what could be better than the mountains, rich and dense full of life and natural beauty? Mount Vaidhik brings to you, the best mountain cottages in Ranikhet, designed uniquely with urban modern facilities and amenities such as 24*7 WiFi, electricity, security cameras, and furnished cottages. 

Mount Vaidhik: A unit of Vaidhik farms is situated in the lap of the majestic Himalayan mountain ranges. Surrounded by the captivating green meadows, blooming mountain wildflowers, astounding wildlife, Ranikhet is as beautiful as its name, queen’s land, and is paradise on earth. Our project, Mount Vaidhik is expanded in a large area, covered with lush green mountain forest, thick trails for trekking, beautiful flora, and fauna to be discovered and seen. 

If you are looking for a second home or even a vacation spot to spend luxury time with your family and friends, then you are at the right place, full of fun and adventure. 

Explore the mountain trails, sleep under the stars, or visit the famous golf course within a few kilometers of radius and come back to the luxurious cottages to relax and relieve your stress.

Best deals on all cottages, ranging from wooden cottages, prefabricated strong cottages, to the trendiest cabins at affordable prices. 

Will it not be good to spend our vacations in the hills especially during our summer vacations? Well, you can now visit your cottages at all times, by being the landowners of the most advanced and equipped cottages with us. We design homes where your heart belongs. Ranikhet, being one of the most commercially successful and the most heavenly hill station, is available for you with the best deals on properties in the mountains, only with Mount Vaidhik.

Enjoy the forests full of the famous pine and deodar trees, full of mountain birds, wildlife including the leopards, Indian Hare, red-faced monkeys, jackals, red fox, porcupines, and other astonishing fauna. The cottages are safe and fully furnished with the best quality furniture, and other luxurious facilities such as geysers, microwaves, television, and other useful equipment. 

Wood has been used by people since ancient times to produce multiple household products and also to make decorative items. The natural wood color can be used according to the choice and specifications, we offer you the best designs to choose from to build your cottages as per your customization. If you want to spend some time alone, away from the world and be at peace mentally as well as physically, then Mount Vaidhik cottages are the best place you can be. 

With extra facilities such as a luxurious cafe, gymnasium, parking space, kid’s playground, and the peaceful and quiet space for meditation and yoga to throw away all your stress, we offer deals worth your time and money. 

Choose from an array of bewitching cottages and natural surroundings, the most perfect cottage for yourself and your family. Spend your time in the mountains and enjoy the heavy snowfall during winters to enhance your experience and add charm to your second home. 

Find your peaceful spot and unwind the life experience as you stay here.

Away from the world, connected to nature

Spend your vacations in the lap of the mountain ranges

Don’t we all love a peaceful and secluded place in the lap of the densely covered, lush green forest mountain ranges? A place, with an abundance of natural beauty, tranquilizing scenic views, unexplored paths filled with adventure and thrill. Well, Mount Vaidhik has got it covered for you. Get the best properties in mountains, prefabricated with intricate designs, delicately assembled with all modern urban facilities including WiFi, electricity, 24*7 security, and special cafe areas to relax and have fun amidst nature. 

We are all nature’s children and we love pure and fresh air, waking up to beautiful and mesmerizing songs of the mountain birds, the warm early sun rays glistening through the glass windows, thick snow on your doorstep during the winter snow season, warm and cozy bonfires and whatnot. Mount Vaidhik project offers great deals on cottages in Ranikhet protected under government laws, a unit of Vaidhik farms, your new home where you can spend your vacation with your loved one, friends, and family. You have a dream, we make it come true. We believe in protecting nature while exploring it wisely and maintaining the scenic beauty of the place by providing facilities that set the benchmark for all properties in the mountain ranges. Get a chance to view the majestic Himalayas through a telescope and spend your days in the serenity of the quiet mountain ranges. Buy your dream house at affordable prices with Mount Vaidhik and avail all the benefits of the property. A fun-filled, adventurous stay, also available for rent during the festive season with exciting activities, mountain sports, hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, boating, and games for kids as well. Keep yourself occupied through various activities during the day and enjoy the night full of glittering stars under the moonlit clear skies with a cup of hot coffee and your loved ones by your side. 

Be a landowner of the prefabricated well designed, furnished, and non-furnished urban cottages and live life easy with us. If you love the mountains, go for it. We have multiple cottages to suit your style, ranging from complete wooden cottages to keep you warm during winters and cool during summers, or you can choose the cottages with stronger build and structures made with a prefabricated metal framework to provide stability and style. Other creative styles include cabin cottages made with metal cabins. Multilevel aesthetic cottages with unique features and designs to compliment your style and taste, built with the best quality raw materials, strong and trendy cottage homes with advanced modern facilities to live, love, and have fun. 

Explore the less-traveled paths, perform Yoga with Swami Karamveer Ji at special camps organized once in a while, meditate and relax your mind with the best properties in Ranikhet with us. We welcome you all to come to buy your dream house and experience nature as close as you want. 

Nothing compares to the peace and happiness you get while around nature, soaking in the sunrays during a cold winter mourning and living the best life you have always dreamt of, that too at cheap and affordable prices only with Mount Vaidhik. 

Spend your vacations in the lap of the mountain ranges

Away from the world, connected to nature

Healthy living is a style adorned by many. We wish to live happily, away from all the worldly problems, hustling life, having to catch up with the busy schedules, running behind the ever-advancing world, and into nature. Life is simpler in the hills, with the required peace and happiness. Be a proud owner of the magnificent cottages designed and built by our expert architectures, and engineers to provide comfort, security, and all the urban modern facilities at very cheap and affordable prices in Ranikhet. 

Mount Vaidhik properties offer you a lifetime opportunity to book and buy affordable unique prefabricated and wooden cottages within your budget. Life is small and catching little moments of joy is what we live for. mountains, nature’s giants not only protect us but also provide numerous opportunities to explore the unexplored, trek down the mountain ranges with your friends and family, experience the fresh first snowfall during the winter season, celebrate life and new beginnings with us, and unravel the mysteries of nature. 

Premium cottages located at the prime location each facing the majestic mountain ranges, made with strong and finest materials, equipped with various facilities to make your life easy in the mountains, well-furnished mountain homes for people who love nature. Participate actively in our upcoming mountain sports and experience the best life with special occasional yoga sessions with Swami Karamveer Ji. Meditate and throw all your worries away while in the mountains, getting the purest oxygen and tranquilizing mountain views. 

Fascinated by the art of nature, we build our cottages aesthetic to blend in perfectly without disturbing the flow of nature. Luxurious properties are offered at affordable prices, so why wait, get up and grab the best ones before it’s too late. 

Hiking opportunities, tips, and guides, luxurious cafe, multiple fun activities, telescopic view of the majestic Himalayas, and bonfire parties to keep you engaged and celebrate each moment with your loved ones. The breathtaking escapes grab your attention, adore the scenic beauty, get Insta-worthy pictures to post, and travel areas around. Get the taste of authentic original tea from the tea gardens nearby and enjoy the holistic adventure tour with your family and friends. 

Nature is ever-evolving and changing, it seems different each time you see it, so, get ready to feast your eyes and soul with the hypnotizing natural mountain trails, narrow valleys, unexplored hidden paths, and other beautiful travel hotspots. 

We believe in satisfaction and comfort, therefore we strive to provide our valuable customers’ services equivalent to their time and money. Winter season is here and so is the soft white snow ready to fall on your doorstep providing the experience of a lifetime. Imagine waking up to the fresh air, the sun falling through the curtains and glass windows lighting your room up, with warmth. We make that dream come true for you that too within your budget. Get exclusive and exquisite cottages only with Mount Vaidhik properties, a unit of Vaidhik farms.  

We welcome you all to come to buy the best properties for yourself and enjoy the mountain life, away from the hustles of life.